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At least this will give Dylan O’Brien something to do once The Maze Runner franchise ends.  Read More


Action and espionage are boring and rote in new spy flick. Michael Keaton's talents are squandered in 'American Assassin.'  Read More

By Per Gunnar Jonsson August 30, 2019

This movie has been sitting on my unwatched shelf for quite a while and yesterday I finally got around to watch it.

I actually found this movie to be not too bad actually. It is far from a cinematic masterpiece but it is a pretty solid action/revenge movie. Dylan O’Brien is, unfortunately, pretty meh as the main character. Michael Keaton on the other hand is quite good in his character.

It is a reasonably action filled movie and I really like that they didn’t try to turn it into some PG-13 crap. It is sometimes fairly brutal. The story is okay. It works. It is not overly complex and some people are probably moaning about it not being original enough. Well, I say, so what? It is a good concept so why screw with it? I do like revenge movies and although this one is far from the best, it is not at all shabby.

I wonder why some people seems to be claiming that this movie is just crap, one star out of ten and so on and so forth? Is it maybe because it dares bring up the subject of Islamist fanatics killing innocents? Or maybe because it doesn’t try to sugarcoat things and explain these “poor misunderstood” psychopaths but lays the blame straight on said lowlife as well as on Iran? Or maybe because it doesn’t try to blame certain of today’s political retards’ preferred boogieman Russia?

I have not read the book so I guess, if it doesn’t do the book justice, I can somewhat understand not liking it. However, to me, this was a decent, not spectacular but decent, two hours of entertainment. Decent action, decent speed and (with the exception of O’Brien) decent acting.

By KE December 15, 2017

Don't bother watching, plot line has been so many times before. Turn off your TV and do something more productive instead !

By Gimly December 1, 2017

_American Assassin_ might be the most nothing movie of the year. I was sold on the trailer, I though Michael Keating looked great (and to be fair, he kinda was), but watching the movie itself, I felt completely blank. I can't even recommend _American Assassin_ as background noise.

_Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._