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7/10 PG-13

Dean Synopsis

Dean is an artist who is facing the prospect of adulthood along with all of the uncertainties that can be expected. Recently out of a serious relationship and coming to terms with his family home being sold, Dean watches as his friends move forward in life whilst he confronts stagnation. During an impromptu trip to Los Angeles, he meets Nicky, and finds that he is able to be himself in her presence. Meanwhile his father is also following a similar trajectory, just at a different stage in life. After meeting a real estate agent he finds himself opening up again, since the death of his wife. This quirky and comedic coming-of-adult-age story serves as a love note to both the East and West Coast.

Rated PG-13 for language and some suggestive material

Fan Reviews

by fcsuper

Dean is a comic artist and writer coming to terms with a father he cannot relate to, their shared grief of the loss of his mother, and a confusing relationship with a new girl in his life. The film is somewhat formulaic with some stereotypical portrayals, like tha... Read More

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